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Enrollment  and Application

Please complete the following steps to start the lending process.

  1. Click the orange Enroll Today! button and fill in the information to create your account.

  2. Once complete you will be directed to the account login screen.

  3. Log into your account with your email and newly created password.

  4. Answer a few application quesitons.

  5. Read the terms on the last page, check the box in front of each question if you agree.

  6. Your application decision will pop up on the website in a few seconds.

If your application is pre-qualified:

Please fax to 888-Zingo Fax (888-946-4632) or email to

  1. Your most recent Pay Stub.

  2. Your last 30 days Bank Statement.

A customer service representative will call you with some follow up questions. If you are looking to consolidate payday loans we will need.

  1. Loan Companies

  2. Payoff Balances

If you have any questions on your application please contact our customer service team at 888-Zingo-55 (888-946-4655).



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